Lord Lovat’s Lament



The March called “Lord Lovat’s Lament”, also known as “Lament for the Highland Clearances” is said to have been composed by either Ewen MacGregor or his pupil David Fraser, both pipers to Simon Lord Lovat.  Lovat was famous for his role in the unsuccessful Jacobite rebellion of 1745.  Private Millin serving under Brigadier Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat, commander of 1 Special Service Brigade served as Lord Lovat’s Bagpiper on D-Day. Lovat’s family tradition of going into battle with a Bagpiper by their side was very important to him. Private Millin followed old tradition and was in the first wave onto the Beaches of Normandy, playing the pipes as they arrived. He marched along the shore playing his pipes and survived.

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