Arrangements for Concert and Pipe Band

All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CDN).

10th HLI Crossing The Rhine 30.00 Hills Of Alva 38.00
79th Farewell To Gibraltar 38.00 Lass O' Fifeo 30.00
A Hundred Pipers 30.00 Lass O' Richmond 30.00
Alberta Bound (Cdn) 30.00 Lord Lovat's Lament 30.00
Atholl Highlanders 30.00 March Of The Cockney Jocks 30.00
Auld Lang Syne 30.00 Mairi's Wedding 30.00
Barren Rocks of Aden 30.00 Marine Corps Hymn 30.00
Blue Bells Of Scotland 30.00 Men Of Harlech 30.00
Blue Bonnets Oer The Border 30.00 Minstrel Boy 30.00
Black Bear [mp3] 30.00 Muckin O Geordies Byre 30.00
Bonnie Dundee 30.00 Murdo's Wedding 30.00
Brown Haired Maiden 30.00 Old Rustic Bridge 30.00
Buglehorn 30.00 Paddy's Leather Breeches 30.00
Caber Feidh 30.00 Rab's Wedding 30.00
Caller Herrin 30.00 Robin Adair 30.00
Campbells Are Coming 30.00 Rowan Tree 30.00
Cock O The North 30.00 Scotland The Brave 30.00
Crags Of Tumbledown Mountain 30.00 Soldier's Return 30.00
Earl Of Mansfield March 30.00 Steamboat 30.00
Endearing Young Charms 30.00 The Maple Leaf Forever 30.00
Farewell To Nova Scotia 30.00 This Land Is Your Land 30.00
Flett From Flotta 30.00 Up The Yucletaw 30.00
Garry Owen 30.00 We're No Awa Tae Bide Awa 30.00
Glencoe 30.00 When The Battle's Oer 30.00
Glendaruel Highlanders 30.00 When The Ice Worms Nest Again 30.00
God Bless The Prince Of Wales 30.00 When The Saints Go Marching In 30.00
Green Hills 30.00 Will Ye No Come Back Again 30.00
Highland Laddie 30.00 Wings 38.00
Dark Island 30.00 My Home 30.00
Glencoe (Colonel Robertson) 30.00 Now Is The Hour 30.00
Going Home 38.00 Ode To Joy 38.00
Highland Cradle Song 30.00 Out On The Mira 30.00
Longuval 38.00 Road To The Isles 38.00
Loch Rannoch 30.00 Skye Boat Song 30.00
1 Dance 20.00 Braes Of Mar  
2 Dances (Medley) 37.00 Captain Horne  
3 Dances (Medley) 45.00 High Road to Linton  
4 Dances (Medley) 52.00 Jock Wilson's Ball  
    Lord Dunmore's Jig  
    Miss Girdle  
    Oer The Bows Of Balindoch  
    Pigeon On The Gate  
    Smith's A Gallant Fireman  
    The Kilt Is My Delight  
    The Stool Of Repentance  
Abide With Me 40.00 Jingle Bells 30.00
Adeste Fidelis 30.00 Little Drummer Boy 30.00
Amazing Grace 40.00 London Bridge 30.00
Can-Can 38.00 Lord Of The Dance 40.00
Chariots Of Fire 38.00 Mount Fuji 36.00
Crimond 30.00 Oranges And Lemons 40.00
Good King Wenceslas 30.00 The Day Thou Gavest Lord Is Ended 30.00
Hector The Hero 40.00 This Old Man 30.00


Full Conductor's Score    
Flute Clarinets (1st & 2nd) Alto Sax
Tenor Sax Trumpets (1st & 2nd) F Horn
Trombones (1st & 2nd) Bass Trombone (Baritone Sax) Euphonium TC (Bass Clarinet)
Euphonium BC (Bassoon) Tuba Percussion where applicable

Pipe accompaniments are provided with Pipe music if requested.
Some Drum Settings are available.

All parts are are computer generated and available in concert size (8.5 x 11) which can be reduced (70%) to march size. Two copies of each part are provided. Each title is priced individually. (Plus PST and shipping)